⟪AstroGator:REBORN⟫ is a blockchain game (GameFi) derived from a Taiwan's native NFT project ⟪AstroGator Fam⟫. The game will be launched in stages.With version updates gradually increasing the game content and allowing players to earn considerable reward!

In the 1st stage, players can freely change outfits by upgrading, assigning attributes, and changing more than 3 trillion appearance combinations to create their own unique modified.

In the 2nd stage, players can use the resources from the 1st stage to strategically manage, raise and compete, and to build your own unique NFT spaceship to earn much higher.

⟪AstroGator:REBORN⟫ will bring NFT holder more empowerment integrating virtual and real benefits one after another, and lead everyone to build an AstroGator metaverse together!

There is a unique fam in the metaverse, people called them AstroGators. Their planet was hit and damaged by an unknown comet, resulting in the destruction of their homes and their broken condition. In order to survive, some AstroGators who survived the natural disaster had to leave their homes and take the AGF-1 spaceship to the vast metaverse. To find alternative resources to rebuild their homeland...

Until one day, the components of the spacecraft began to malfunction due to severe wear and tear on the cabin equipment caused by the long flight, and the AGF-1 spacecraft was forced to land on a nearby planet. After evaluating the terrain and temperature conditions, AstroGators chose the nearest Earth as the planet for emergency landing, and pointed the coordinates to a beautiful island.

Coastline of this island is mainly made up of igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks, where is rich in mineral resources. There are innocent and artistic children living on the island, who are all accompanied by a special species "JOYFISHCAT" - a species which is visualized by the pure soul of children. They specialize in healing, repairing and transformation, as well as actively helping the children to develop their artistic talents.

During the forced landing on Earth, not only the heavy damage to the spacecraft, also AstroGators' bodies and equipment were bruised from passing through the atmosphere. After meeting with the children, the children promise to help the AstroGators find alternative resources to rebuild the ship and build their equipment, and JOYFISHCAT also joins the ranks of building and repairing to help the AstroGators return to their home!

So, with guidance of the children, the AstroGators will step by step explore the five regions of the island and start their journey of reborn....

The progress of REBORN is updated any time.
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  • ⟪AstroGator Fam⟫ is a native NFT project originated from eastern Taiwan. The 2D NFT images were created and drawn by Daniel, a 15-year-old high school student. With his father JJ who is in charge of programming, and his brother Alvin in marketing. Together they've published their works as NFT format on international crypto art platforms.
    ⟪AstroGator Fam⟫ then published a 3D version NFT, and won the The Sandbox Hong Kong Jury Award in 2021, bringing the Taiwan project to the world!

  • GAME HOURS Inc. established in 2013 is a OTC-listed company on TPEx, specializes in publishing upscale IP mobile games in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand...etc.
    In 2022, we branched out GameFi (blockchain game) domain. With decades of WEB2.0 gaming industry expertise, our team members work together with experts in blockchain.

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The game is under maintenance. For details, please go to our DC.